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Hi, I'm Sabrina, the founder of Sandvi Studio. I offer private in-person training, online privates, and an on-demand membership to a library of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Self-Care classes. I am passionate about helping others feel better in mind and body, whether that be through overcoming pain and injury or feeling connected and confident from the core outward. There is magic in a multidisciplinary approach to health!



Pilates, Yoga, Barre, & Self-Care


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Hear From Our Members

“Sabrina has completely transformed the way I think of and use my “core”. She has taught me that even the smallest movements, done correctly, have huge benefits. Her techniques are sound and the energy and atmosphere is always positive.”


“I began working with Sabrina at a friend’s suggestion as part of my rehabilitation from an extended hospital stay. My work with Sabrina and Sandvi Studio has been transformative, going well beyond rehabilitation and now becoming part of my ongoing physical (and mental!) wellbeing.”


“The workouts at Sandvi Studio are fun because they engage you mentally as well as physically. I have become more aware of my body and strengthened areas that were weak. I wish I had started this years ago!”


"When I started working with Sabrina, I had been experiencing back pain for several months that was interfering with my daily activities. Today I am almost completely pain-free and feel like a new person. My posture has improved and I just feel more aware of my body. The techniques I’ve learned also enhance other workout programs that I do. I am a huge fan of Pilates and Sabrina!"


"I am a recent cancer survivor in my seventies. I was with Sabrina before the illness and returned as quickly as able. My life has always been active but I feel better today than ever. Her training has given me better posture, balance, flexibility, core strength, and overall wellness."


Whyyy do I forget about Pilates?! It is an asset to everything. Thanks, Sabrina Berry, for reminding me of this amazing practice and making it accessible. Sandvi Studio has on demand and it's AUTHENTIC and good. This beautiful artist blows me away.


I just did your strong heart, glutes, and arms workout - my legs are shaking!


My daughter works from home and has been having some back pain (she has scoliosis) so I told her about your online program and she signed up and has been working out with your videos. She is loving the videos and the workouts and her back pain has lessened. Most of all she said she feels like her stress levels are so much more manageable.


I am loving doing your classes. I love the longer classes but can squeeze in the 16-minute videos in between meetings.