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Sabrina opened Sandvi Studio (after her maiden name) in 2011 in Dilworth Artisan Station, an historic building in Charlotte, North Carolina’s South End. DAS is a unique place filled with working visual artists and designers who open their studios to the public during the city’s gallery crawls. Considering Sabrina’s background and artful approach to movement, she felt right at home in this creative environment. Over the years, she collected works from her fellow tenants as did many of her clients who also enjoyed getting to know the artists and their work throughout the past decade.This experience is what gave Sabrina the idea of featuring artists in her on-demand class studio, as original art lends such a personal and meaningful touch to a space.

After the building was sold to developers who had plans for adding a restaurant, she realized the parking would become too limited for her base of loyal clients. That, along with the uncertain times of Covid-19, Sabrina made the difficult decision to close her in-person training until safer days ahead. Instead of focusing on the limitations of this moment in time, Sabrina, a born optimist, decided to view it as an opportunity to offer what so many of her clients had jokingly wished for countless times - “I wish you could just come to my house every day and train me because I can never remember what we did!”. She found herself writing out workouts or videoing segments of their sessions but never felt she could give them everything she would have liked.

This online format has become an exciting project that holds many possibilities for the future of Sandvi Studio. It is a place where Sabrina can share many techniques to help us be strong, balanced, resilient, and well. A wonderful quote by Joseph Pilates, “Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” is a guiding principle of Sabrina’s philosophy of life. It is never too late or too early to reap the benefits of a movement program that promotes better posture, core strength, grace, and body awareness.

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