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Better CORE Engagement
Improved Mobility
Better Posture
Healthier Joints
Increased Strength
Sharpened Body Control


The private session you’ve paid for is TRULY private. The entire studio and all equipment is available for the duration of your session. And in this culture of social media dominance, I’m never turning your image or training into a public display. If you choose to do so, that’s great, but is certainly not the focus of my time with you. If you're using the on-demand library, you'll have access to a wide variety of classes focused on joint health, core strength, body control, and self care. If you have questions, I'm only an email away!

Trying to stuff all bodies into one training system or system order will by definition miss the mark. My eye and intent is always on the individual and the goals and vision you have for yourself. During in-person or online training, the scientific and biomechanical principles that apply to a healthy core and joint mobility come first. From there, you will build out strength along with a more resilient nervous system. Stress is an inevitable part of life. Having self care tools to train, calm, and effect change to our mood is imperative to good physical and mental health. Your training with me will give you simple and powerful tools you can carry into any movement adventure as well as daily life.

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