Introducing On-Demand Yogalates Classes

Introducing On-Demand Yogalates Classes

With 2022 rapidly approaching, setting New Year's resolutions is top of mind. For most — myself included — setting goals is very much tied to trying new things and moving past comfort zones. 

It’s in that spirit that I am excited to announce that I’ve just released my first official on-demand Yogalates class under the Yoga and Meditation category of the membership program! 

Trying something new often requires courage to change your perspective. And I cannot lie – I’m surprised that I’m embracing this style and using the term Yogalates! It’s a word that seemed so commercialized, but I’m genuinely proud to share this class with those seeking a mix of traditional and contemporary Pilates and yoga.

In years past I have found myself in the thick of what should be a more joyful holiday feeling but is actually a mood driven by perfectionism and stress about what I haven’t done perfectly – ahem- those holiday cards or a cake that is store-bought instead of homemade. While Pilates fosters focus, healthy spines, and confidence, I find yoga fosters a deep sense of peace, so now is a perfect time to begin to play with bringing these benefits together in class offerings.

Here is a brief guide to the practice of yogalates and how to try it for yourself. 

What is Yogalates?

I am incredibly grateful for my yoga teacher training, which taught the full aspect of yoga from its more ancient roots. While the yoga poses are wonderful, the yoga tradition offers so many more tools that foster a deeper connection to our better selves.

Fun fact: yoga poses are only less than 200 years old, while the earlier yoga philosophical teachings and practices date back 5000 years! 

Pilates was invented in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. The practice concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance, and flexibility.

So, what is yogalates? Despite the hybrid name, yogalates is not gimmicky. It's built on tried and true, historically proven forms of exercise. 

At its heart, yogalates is a fitness routine that combines Pilates exercises with the postures and breathing techniques of yoga. The hybrid practice was created in 1997 by certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer Jonathan Urla and later popularized by trainer Louise Solomon, according to WebMD

Is Yogalates Right For You? 

Trying something different, like a yogalates workout perfectly pairs with your current routine, works your muscles in a new way, increasing overall fitness. 

As well as the benefits of yoga and Pilates, Yogalates is believed to be particularly effective for improving muscle tone, developing a slimmer, stronger physique and even weight loss.

Plus, when you switch up your routine, your brain benefits too. When you start a new workout, the improvements you see in the first four to six weeks are actually mainly neurological, according to Shape Magazine

My work with longtime yoga devotees inspired this new yogalates class style. 

Many of them have wrist, shoulder, or SI (Sacroiliac) joint injuries and desire a stronger connection to their core. These classes are designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles as well as the entire powerhouse of the torso while incorporating yoga asana.

For those of you who have more experience with Pilates and little or no yoga background, these classes will incorporate yoga poses that will give you a bit more time to work on your flexibility. 

If yoga is newer to you, you may be surprised at how incredibly strengthening it is as well! 

Try On-Demand Yogalates

Ready to give yogalates a try? 

You can find these classes under the Yoga and Meditation Category. And, while it’s not a requirement, simple yoga blocks can go a long way to help you get into the poses with ease because they aid in better alignment. You may find your body opens up more readily using the blocks!  Here’s a link to the cork ones I use, if you want to give it a try. 

I look forward to adding more poses and moments of contemplation or breathwork to the Yogalates classes. If you have any yoga poses you love or want to learn, send me an email or reach out to me on Instagram, and I’ll happily incorporate them into a class in the future! 

Not a member yet? Not to worry. You can try out this class — and the others in the library — by signing up for the 7-day free membership trial here

As we head into the holiday season, I encourage you to tune in to your mind, body, and spirit’s needs. Cheers to strong cores and centered minds and hearts!


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